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Rehabilitation Policy

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Zero Harm Safety and Training in pursuit of the best practical levels of physical and psychological recovery for our employees, will provide appropriate rehabilitation and return to work processes for any employee who incurs a work related injury or illness.

Primary Goal

The primary goal of the Policy and associated procedures is to assist employees in:

  • The early return to work to safe and suitable duties;
  • The return to duties at the highest possible level of function consistent with their pre-injury status.


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Identify and assess the need for rehabilitation as early as possible;
  • Recognise the role, rights and responsibilities of all participants in each circumstance;
  • Facilitate the early and safe return to work of any employee following a work related injury or illness;
  • Ensure that employees are informed of their rights and responsibilities and are involved in all decisions and actions related to their rehabilitation;
  • Ensure the welfare of injured employees is maintained;
  • Ensure appropriate training and education of all personnel involved in rehabilitation in line with designated responsibilities;
  • Ensure that participation in the return to work/rehabilitation process will not disadvantage employees.

Procedures have been developed which embody the aims of our rehabilitation policy and these are effected in all our rehabilitation/return to work processes.

This Policy applies to all sites where Zero Harm Safety and Training is performing work and covers all our activities and services.