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Employee Well-Being Policy

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Zero Harm Safety and Training is committed to the health and safety of all its employees and contractors. This includes ensuring that no person commences or continues to work if it is known that they are not fit for work. We recognise that health and safety performance may be influenced by a range of factors, including fatigue, psychological stress, illness and the use of medication, illicit drugs and alcohol.

Primary Goal

To maintain and improve the lifestyle, fitness, health and safety of all employees and contractors through promoting well-being and ensuring employee fitness for work.


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Develop, in consultation with employees and their representatives, workplace specific programs and procedures to address lifestyle, fitness and health and safety issues;
  • Monitor fatigue levels, hours of work and implement appropriate management programs;
  • Encourage employee wellness and pro-actively manage risks of illness;
  • Inform and educate all employees on the potential impacts of medication, illicit drugs, alcohol, fatigue and other issues relating to general well being and work performance;
  • Recognise that fatigue, the use of illicit drugs or the misuse of alcohol may be symptoms of other underlying issues;
  • Prohibit the possession or consumption of illicit drugs or unauthorised use of alcohol on company premises or sites;
  • Achieve a standard where all employees maintain zero blood alcohol and less than detectable levels of illicit drugs while at work and implement appropriate forms of testing for this purpose; and
  • Actively promote exercise, healthy eating and a smoke free environment to improve or maintain employees own well-being.


This Policy applies to all sites where Zero Harm Safety and Training is performing work and covers all our activities and services.