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Complaints & Appeals Policy and Procedure

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Zero Harm Safety and Training takes all genuine student concerns, complaints and appeals seriously and will act on each substantiated grievance in an efficient and professional manner.

Zero Harm Safety & Training will ensure that:


  • All students have access to a fair and equitable process for lodging complaints and will provide an avenue for students to appeal against any decisions which affect the student’s progress
  • All students are provided with a copy of the Zero Harm Safety & Training Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure document (ZHST-RTO-0048) at the time of enrolment or can access it on the ZHST website
  • All complaints and appeals will be handled professionally and confidentially in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution. All parties will have a clear understanding of the steps involved in the complaints and appeals procedure.
  • Every effort will be made by Zero Harm Safety & Training to resolve the student’s complaint or appeal and the Principal consultant will personally attend to all complaints or appeals.
  • All complaints and appeals, and the actions taken to resolve them, will be documented in writing using the appropriate forms
  • Zero Harm Safety & Training will attempt to resolve any complaints or appeals fairly and equitably within 24 hours in response to a complaint or within 10 working days in response to an appeal
  • Where complaints or appeals cannot be resolved internally, students will be provided with details of an outside independent person they may approach


Student Complaints Procedure

  1. Should a student have a complaint relating to training delivery and assessment, the quality of the learning, student amenities, discrimination, sexual harassment or any other issues that may arise, they should first bring this to the attention of their trainer.
  2. If the issue is not dealt with to the student’s satisfaction by the trainer, the next step is for the student to complete and lodge a Notice of Complaint Form (ZHST-RTO-0069).
  3. Once the student has completed the Notice of complaint form, it can be:
    1. emailed to: Jason.Hartwell@Zeroharm.com.au OR
    2. mailed to: The Principle Consultant, Zero Harm Safety and Training, PO Box 882, Emerald Queensland 4720.
  4. This form is to be lodged in writing with the Principle Consultant who will contact the student within 24 hours of receiving the complaint and attempt to resolve the identified issues.
  5. Where the complaint cannot be resolved internally, Zero Harm Safety & Training will provide an outside independent person to hear the case. The current independent person is Jason Schneider of Renegade Engineering.

A written statement of the complaint outcome will be provided to the student along with a closed out copy of the student’s original notice of complaint form. Copies of both the written statement and closed out notice of complaint form will be recorded in the Complaints register (ZHST-RTO-0067).

A Corrective Action Record (ZHST-RTO-0028) will be raised for each complaint received and will be filed in the Quality Compliance Folder for future reference.

Procedure for raising Training and Assessment Related Concerns

Course participants may raise any matters of concern relating to training delivery and assessment, the quality of the learning, course participant’s amenities, discrimination, sexual harassment and other issues that may arise.

This policy provides an avenue for most grievances to be addressed. However in some cases alternative measures need to be explored.

Course participants, who feel they may have been unfairly treated or have not been given the full training that they expected, may follow the steps listed below.

Student Appeals Procedure

  1. The student is to discuss the matter with their Trainer. If they are not satisfied with the outcome, the student may then:
  2. Have the matter referred to the Principle Consultant for consideration. The student is to send a letter or email to Zero Harm Safety & Training, addressed to the Principle Consultant and ensure that they provide sufficient details about themselves, the course they completed, and the circumstances surrounding the appeal.
  3. The appeal can be:
    a. emailed to: Jason.Hartwell@Zeroharm.com.au OR
    b. mailed to: The Principle Consultant, Zero Harm Safety & Training, PO Box 882, Emerald Queensland 4720.
  4. The Principle Consultant will discuss the circumstances with another Trainer and contact the student with the result within 10 working days of receipt of appeal.
  5. The Principal Consultant may resolve the matter by:
    a. Granting the appeal, or
    b. Rejecting the appeal, or
    c. Referring the matter to an independent person for resolution (see below)
  6. Where the appeal cannot be resolved internally, Zero Harm Safety & Training will arrange an independent person from the Dispute Resolution Branch of the Department of Justice and Attorney General to hear the case

A written statement of the appeal outcome including reasons for the decision will be provided to the student within 7 working days of the decision being made and include a summary of costs associated with the appeal process.

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