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Cancellation Policy

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Zero Harm Safety and Training is committed to ensuring that all trainees have access to a fair and equitable process for course registration, payment and refunds.

Initial Payment of Course Enrolment Fees

Zero Harm Safety and Training (ZHST) will charge a nominal fee per course enrolled. Course enrolment fees must be paid as per Government regulation or by individual case by case arrangement.

Those students who receive a Government Benefit (i.e. Pension or Allowance) may be exempt from paying this course enrolment fee, or may receive concession rates. Students claiming an exemption must provide proof that they are receiving benefits (e.g. Health Benefits Card, Health Care Card, and Pension Concession Card).

Generally ZHST requires upfront payment of course enrolment fees. In line with our values on equity and access, students may approach ZHST if they have circumstances that warrant arrangement of an alternative payment structure.

Course Registration

ZHST cannot reserve a trainee’s placement in a course without the payment of the required course enrolment fee or payment of the required course deposit fee for the associated course. A course deposit fee of $1500 is only required if the total course fee is $1500 or greater.

Fees Protection

ZHST has established a bank account where monies paid in advance will be deposited into this account for security.

Course Cancellations or Postponements by ZHST before Course Commencement

ZHST reserves the right to cancel or postpone any training program / course at any time for the following reasons:

  • where there are insufficient numbers to warrant a class
  • weather conditions have affected the training environment to the point where it is unsafe
  • unavailability of ZHST trainers
  • the training facility has become unavailable for any reason

Any participant enrolled to complete a course which has been cancelled for any of the above reasons will be refunded full course costs including refund of any course deposits. Alternatively the participant can re-enrol to complete the same course at a future date or a course credit can be given to complete another course/s with ZHST to the same value.

Course Interruptions

In the case where a particular training course has been interrupted at any time after commencement due to:

  • bad weather
  • malfunctions or breakdowns
  • incidents of any kind that result in the temporary stoppage of training
  • the training facility becoming unavailable for any reason

If it is deemed necessary by ZHST that the course cannot be completed in the allotted time, arrangements will be made for the course participant/s to complete the training at a later suitable time. If no suitable time can be arranged then a partial refund will be arranged based on the time and duration of the interruption.

Note: Full refunds will not be granted. Statement of Attainments and passports will not be processed or issued until courses are completed in full and final assessment(s) have been successfully completed where necessary.

Providing Notice to ZHST for Cancellation of Course Enrolments

To cancel a course enrolment(s), participants must contact ZHST by phone on (07) 4987 7340; or in person.

As set out above, ZHST will contact any participant(s) enrolled to a course cancelled by ZHST prior to commencement for any reason as stated and arrange a course refund or re-enrolment into a future course.

Refunds of Course Enrolment Fees for Employer Funded Courses and Traineeships

Course enrolment fees (Schedule 3.1 of Client Provision Services Agreement) may be refunded to the Employer under the following circumstances:

  • If a trainee leaves the employer more than (7) days prior to the commencement of the course, full enrolment fee will be refunded, commencement date will be the first scheduled structured training session date booked by the trainer
  • If a trainee leaves the employer more than (1) one day prior to commencement of the course, 20% of the course enrolment fee ($60.00) will be forfeited, 80% of enrolment fee will be refunded, commencement date will be the first scheduled structured training session date booked by the trainer
  • No refunds will be granted from the date of the commencement of course

Progression payment (Schedule 3.2 of Client Provision Services Agreement) will not be charged if a trainee leaves employer prior to completing the first 3 training sessions.

Final payment (Schedule 3.3 of Client Provision Services Agreement) will not be charged if a trainee leaves employer prior to completing the traineeship program course.

Refunds of Course Enrolment Fees for Student Funded Courses (not Traineeships)

For students that advise ZHST of their request to withdraw from and cancel their enrolment in a course, course enrolment fees may be refunded or course credit may be granted to the student under the following circumstances:

  • Notice of cancellation must be given to ZHST no less than 3 business days’ prior to the course commencement to receive a course credit to the same value of fees paid or postpone the dates they complete the course (the course can be postponed by up to 6 months) 
  • Notice of cancellation which is 1 – 2 days prior to the course commencement will receive 50% Refund or Course Credit. 
  • No fees or payments will be refunded where the participant withdraws or cancels their enrolment on the day of or after the course commencement dates. 
  • A person with the required course pre-requisites can be substituted to complete the course in the event the original participant enrolled cannot complete the course for any unforeseen reasons. Notice of substitution must be provided no less than 1 business day prior to course commencement.
  • Note: In the event the participant is prevented from completing the course due to Personal Injury, Death or a Death in the immediate Family; a course credit may be granted if the relevant documentation is provided to the ZHST (example: doctor’s medical certificate). No refunds will be given under these circumstances or any other circumstances


  • We do not accept Statement of Completions
  • We do not accept cards
  • Your certificate must be a Statement of Attainment with the following units on it:
    •   RIICOM201A Communicate in the workplace
    •   RIIERR205A Apply initial response first aid
    •   RIIERR302A Respond to local emergencies and incidents
    •   RIIGOV201A Work safely and follow OHS policies and procedures
    •   RIIRIS201B Conduct local risk control
  • Your certificate must be no more the 6 months past expiry

If you have any doubt or questions please call our office 07 4987 7340.


If you enrol in an online refresher course but do not start, and wish to withdraw:

  • You must advise us in writing
  • $50 Administration fee will be deducted from your refund

If you enrol in the course and begin, regardless of completion of partial completion, and you wish to withdraw:

  • You must advise us in writing
  • No refund will be given